Time module

Time Module - Driver Manual detectors designed to control LED intelligent staircase lighting

Do not overpay for PIR motion detectors. Choose presented timer module and connect cheap (efficient and well-functioning) PIR Motion HC- SR501 (cost about 4-5 USD / pcs) . The combination of detectors with time module will enhance their functionality and improve the comfort of the action in a set of intelligent LED stair drivers.

Timer built on top of the LCD display and real-time clock was designed to control and co-operation of detectors and controllers LED stair . The controller module is temporarily universal and can be connect different types of detectors. Supported types of detectors are:

    PIR motion
    vibration ,
    infrared barriers

The module provides the appropriate output control to cooperation detectors with intelligent LED drivers stair was optimal.

Noteworthy is the fact that for each output can be connected to one or two detectors of a mixed type. It often happens that one detector or one type of detector is not sufficient to control from the bottom or from the top of the smart controllers wells. For the present module can be connected to two sensors on one output (up to four sensors on the two outputs / module ) .

Summary time controller with LCD display has a function of time lock outputs at specific times, which allows you to lock detector operation in a day or in other selected date ranges. An important feature of the timer is that the lock time ranges are set individually for specific months - due to differences in the length of day and night throughout the year. In practice this means that, for example, December is programmed action lock to 15.00, in the spring it will be 17.00-18.00, summer even  20.00 or 21.00, depending on whether the stairs are illuminated by daylight.

Why was the timer module for intelligent staircase lighting created ?

There are a lot of detectors including PIR and infrared barriers . The standard for certain types of detectors can be connected to only one detector to one input of the driver. In addition to intelligent controllers stairs in many cases a twilight sensor to the controller does not work, shone in the day. Most of the detectors , which cost over 10 , 20 or 30 USD does not work better than the MINI PIR Detector HC- SR501 which costs about $ 4-5 . Such MINI PIR detector can be easily and quite nicely covered. When buying a timer module and a set of MINI PIR detectors come out a little more expensive or even cheaper than other type of detector and in addition will be additional time functions , lock , etc.

Another issue is such that for infrared barriers and many PIR motion detector , there is no regulation of the lock time, etc. This leads to the situation that the detector gives a signal for long or short . For light barriers if mounted low in many cases, one person instead of detecting detects the two legs (two persons for the controller ) . Lock function of time presented module eliminates the problem of the lack of features in the detectors . Barriers infrared (as well as many other motion detectors ) typically do not have the function of twilight and combining with the time module can be computed for months at certain times block the detectors.

Time module designed for detectors

Time module with connected two mini PIR detectors HC-SR501 (for example)

Another cooperating sensors (vibration, pressure, MINI PIR HC-SR501, PIR416 12V, infrared barrier - photocell)

Time module description

  • Connect the power supply of 12V DC.
  • To go from C1 to C4 beany detectors, for whichthe activestate is low or high, or watch that shor tto ground
  • Do not connect any detectors which give the voltage above 12V (especially do not connect 230V,110V, etc. detectors)
  • For outputs W1 and W2 are connected LED staircase driver entries (eg PD or PG drivers offered on www.firmaled.pl)


To access the menu, press P. Go through the menu clicking P. Settings are made with the P1 and P2. To exit the menu, press and hold P button for 3 seconds.

 Sample screenshots

 time_module_sensor_0  The splash screen
 time_module_sensor_1  The current time and date
 time_module_sensor_2  and day of the week. In the second line of the LCD date and day of the week appear changeably.
 time_module_sensor_24  In the case of an active lock time hourly in the second line of the LCD will appear on the duration of the locksymbol BL (BLockade )and time to which it is locked out.
 time_module_sensor_3  Clock setting menu
 time_module_sensor_4  Setting the current time - hour
 time_module_sensor_5  Set the current minute
 time_module_sensor_6  Set the current day of the week
 time_module_sensor_7  Set the current day of the month
 time_module_sensor_8  Set the current month
 time_module_sensor_9  Set the current year
 time_module_sensor_10  Setup inputs and outputs
 time_module_sensor_11  W1 output lock time in seconds
 time_module_sensor_12  W2 output lock time in seconds
 time_module_sensor_13  Set the active state of the input C1
 time_module_sensor_15  Set the active state of the input C3
 time_module_sensor_16  Inputs (from C1 to C4) active states can be low or high
 time_module_sensor_17  Menu-Hourly ranges blocking detectors. For 6 pairs of months (with similar lenght of a day).
 time_module_sensor_18  Example settings for January and December - detectors blocade will start at 9.00 (9am)
 time_module_sensor_19  Example settings for January and December - detectors blocade will end at 15.00 (3pm)
 time_module_sensor_20  Another example settings - for February and November. The detectors blocade will start at 8.00 (8am)
 time_module_sensor_21  Another example settings - for February and November. The detectors blocade will end at 16.00 (4pm)
 time_module_sensor_22  March and October: from 7 to 17 (7am to 5pm)
 time_module_sensor_23  March and October: from 7 to 17 (7am to 5pm)


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